Welcome to the homepage of the Mountjoy Square Society – the association representing the people who live and work in and adjacent to Mountjoy Square. Our aim is to preserve the heritage of Mountjoy Square and to promote this area as a vibrant, mixed inner-city community.

Mountjoy Square is the only perfect square in Dublin, measuring 140m on each of its sides. Mountjoy Square was one of the five main Georgian squares realised in Dublin in the eighteenth century.

Brief Background of Mountjoy Square
Mountjoy Square was laid out in 1789, by Luke Gardiner II – Viscount Mountjoy – a liberal who supported the end of the Penal Laws that discriminated against Catholics and Dissenters. But, less than a decade later, Gardiner lost his life in the 1798 Battle of New Ross and his demise, coupled with the Act of Union in 1800, signalled the end of investment in the development of grand residence-building in Dublin.

Gardiner’s family had dominated the development of north inner city Dublin, starting with the development of Henrietta Street by his grandfather (Luke Gardiner I) before moving through Parnell Square, Sackville Row (now O’Connell Street) and then leading through Great Denmark Street and Gardiner Place into Gardiner Street and Mountjoy Square.

Hundreds of thousands of Dubliners have lived their lives in the houses built by the Gardiner family; some in their original splendour, many more in the squalor that menaced much of the north inner city in the last hundred years,. Now quite a few are again rediscovering the elegance and convenience of life in and around the Gardiner estate of Mountjoy Square and its environs.

For a more detailed account of the history of Mountjoy Square, its celebrity residents and the Gardiner family, check out the Wikipedia entry on Mountjoy Square and a History Page that is currently under construction.

What the Mountjoy Square Society Does
Today the Mountjoy Square Society aims to promote Mountjoy Square as a unique and special place to live, work and visit. With well over a thousand people now living in and around the square and many more relying on the park’s green space to relax, play sport and provide children with activity, there are many activities and events undertaken by the Society. You are welcome to get in touch by email at info@mountjoysociety.com or via our Facebook page.

The work of the Society now stretches well beyond its original remit when it was founded by a group of residents and owners in 2008 mainly to stop it being used as a free coach park for commuter coaches.

In early 2010 the group decided to formalise itself and in Mid 2010, The Mountjoy Square Society Limited, a not for profit Limited Company, was incorporated. The Directors are all living and/or working and running businesses on the Square.