The Mountjoy Square Society

The Mountjoy Square Society has its origins in a group of residents and owners who, in 2008, decided to get together to improve Mountjoy Square and in particular to stop it being used as a free coach park for commuter coaches.

In early 2010 the group decided to formalise itself and in Mid 2010, The Mountjoy Square Society Limited, a not for profit Limited Company, was incorporated. The Directors are all living and/or working and running businesses on the Square.

To become a member, simply email to info@mountjoysquaresociety.com with your name and email address and send €5 to the Society at: 25 Mountjoy Square Dublin 1. Alternatively you may join online.

To go on a mailing list to get information about the Society’s activities, simply email your request to info@mountjoysquaresociety.com

Mountjoy Square

Mountjoy Square is a Georgian Square in north inner-city Dublin in Ireland. It is one of five Georgian squares in Dublin. The square was planned in the late 18th century by Luke Gardiner and completed in 1818. It has housed many prominent and influential characters over the years, including James Joyce, W.B. Yeats and Séan O’Casey. The Wikipedia page for Mountjoy Square contains a detailed history of the square and is well-deserving of a read. Peter Donegan also wrote a blog post about Mountjoy Square and has a number of photos of the square.