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Community Charter
Mountjoy Square Society is currently developing an innovative Community Charter that will assert vigorously the idea that Mountjoy Square is a community – a multi-cultural hub of historic houses, modern apartments, schools, colleges, businesses and restaurants – home to people from across Ireland and all over the world.
We will use social media to build awareness and gain the support of the people who live and work on the square. The charter is a work in progress and we welcome your support and your ideas on how we can develop it further.
Please, read the draft copy of the Mountjoy Square Community Charter (PDF) and email any suggestions of additions to

Mountjoy Square is one of Dublin’s finest Georgian squares but, unfortunately, also the most neglected. We believe that a key reason for this historic neglect is that until recently the people living and working in Mountjoy Square have not organised effectively as a community. As such we have not been identified by key political and official decision makers –– as a community meriting protection, support and encouragement. Because of this, the public areas in Mountjoy Square have not been managed with primary regard for the benefit of the people who live and work there nor have we been given the resources that many other communities in our city take for granted. For example;

  • One third of Mountjoy Square Park has been lost to a hard surface sports area and a council depot. These are not designed for or appropriate to the needs of the community in Mountjoy Square and also contribute to a sense of urban neglect and decay.
  • The green space that exists is poorly landscaped and is a regular site of anti-social activity.
  • Consequently the community in Mountjoy Square do not feel safe in their park and have no sense of ownership of it. Contrast this with Merrion Square and Fitzwilliam Square, each with vastly smaller residential populations.

To use that very pejorative word, we are not looking to ‘gentrify’ Mountjoy Square – we are looking to make it a vibrant, living space, worthy of both its history and of the people who live and work here.
A shared sense of purpose around Mountjoy Square is essential if we are to build on its huge potential as a cultural, residential and leisure amenity.
We do not believe that the improvements we expect require huge sums of money to put them outside of the budget or scope of Dublin City Council. We have no doubt that, in making our Square a better place to live, these developments will more than pay for themselves.
The Mountjoy Square Society will continue to work towards building a community spirit on Mountjoy Square. But we can only achieve meaningful results with your help.
Our goals are:

    Improve the park:

  • Restore the park to a full landscaped park, with railings renovated and clear sightlines throughout;
  • Relocate tarmac playing areas and the council depot (which services the Liffey boardwalk!);
  • Relocate the existing ‘community building’ off the Square to another suitable location
  • Create a sensitive public space that can be used in the park for concerts, outdoor exhibitions and community events
  • Facilitate areas where a park café could be located; and,
  • Relocate pre-school from the prefab to one of the buildings on Mountjoy Square.
    Improve security:

  • Invest in CCTV on the square and in the park; and,
  • Introduce a “neighbourhood watch” scheme.
    Save our heritage:

  • Take action to secure endangered buildings;
  • Maintain high quality residential housing to keep the square residential in nature;
  • Improve enforcement of planning compliance to stop deterioration of buildings; and,
  • Ensure appropriate use of buildings – Mountjoy Square has taken more than its fair share of hostels and probation centres. It is time for others to share the burden.
    Showcase our heritage:

  • Actively support and engage in the ACA process;
  • Support development of a tourist attraction – such as a museum of Georgian life – on the square;
  • Introduce information signage and plaques on buildings;
  • Promote the Square as a gem in the heart of the North Georgian Quarter and improve connectivity between the Square and surrounding areas.
  • Play our full role in heritage week, Culture Night, Open House and other initiatives; and,
  • Showcase Mountjoy Square as being at the fore of Dublin’s Georgian and cultural heritage
    Develop our heritage:

  • Support the use of the park for cultural events that celebrate the cultural wealth and diversity of the square and its surroundings.
  • Consider new events to exploit the opportunity presented by the footfall of people through Mountjoy Square for matches/concerts
  • Develop dialogue and liaison between Mountjoy Square community and adjoining communities.

The Society is focussing on three main projects:

  1. Acquiring Architectural Conservation Area Status for the Square. This will protect the special environment of the Square, and its Georgian character.
  2. Establishing a Museum showcasing the Life and Times of Georgian Dublin.
  3. Getting the Coach parking removed from the Square and its immediate environs. Success!

If you think these are worthy goals, then join us!